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  • Sustainability

    Energy Modeling
    Light Pollution Reduction
    Automated Lighting Controls
    Water Use Reduction
    Measurement and Verification
    Geothermal Systems
    Solar Photovoltaic
    Adaptive Re-Use
    Air Delivery Monitoring

  • Low Voltage Systems

    Public Address Systems
    Theater/Auditorium Sound Systems
    Nurse Call/Code Blue Systems
    Data Networks
    Voice Networks
    Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
    Intrusion Detection
    CCTV Systems
    Access Control Systems

  • Power Systems

    Utility Coordination
    Services and Substations
    Electrical Power Distribution Systems
    Site Distribution Infrastructure
    Operating Rooms/Isolated Power Systems
    High Voltage Power Distribution Systems
    Main Power Distribution Systems
    Motor Control Systems
    Emergency Generators
    UPS Power Supply Systems
    Power Conditioning
    Grounding Systems
    MRI Units, Cat Scans, Radiology, Cath Labs
    Lightning Protection Systems
    Data Center Power Distribution

  • Lighting

    Interior Lighting Systems
    Exterior/Site Lighting Systems
    Emergency Lighting Systems
    Theatrical Lighting Systems
    Security Lighting
    Automated Lighting Systems
    Daylight Harvesting Systems
    Lighting Calculations

  • Fire Protection

    Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems
    FM 200 and Dry Chemical Systems
    Fire Pumps
    Pre-Action Systems
    Dry and Glycol Based Systems
    Utility Coordination
    Services and Substations
    Site Distribution Infrastructure

  • Plumbing

    Fuel Oil Tank Removals and Installations
    Plumbing Systems
    Domestic Water Heating Systems
    Pressure Booster Pumping Systems
    High Rise Plumbing Systems
    Pool Water Heating and Filtration Systems
    Sewage Lift Stations
    Medical Gas Systems
    Acid Waste Systems
    Leak Detection Systems
    Utility Coordination
    Services and Substations
    Site Distribution Infrastructure

  • HVAC

    Heating and Ventilating Systems
    Air Conditioning Systems
    Steam Heating Systems
    Computer Simulation Load Calculations
    Energy Conservation Studies
    Energy Management and Control Systems
    Data Center Environment Control Systems
    Central Boiler and Chiller Plant Systems
    Boiler Replacements/Retrofits
    Water Source Heat Pump Systems
    Under floor Air Distribution Systems
    Humidity Control Systems
    Natatorium Dehumidification Systems
    Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems
    Science Lab Hood Exhaust Systems
    Emergency Generator Exhaust Systems
    Smoke Management / Evacuation System
    Energy Recovery Systems

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