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City of Scranton Police Headquarters

Scranton, PA

As the previous City of Scranton Police Department was operating in outdated facilities a decision was made to design a new two-story Police Headquarters to bring the Police Department into the 21st Century and ensure security.   The building’s first level contains a vestibule and front desk area, six holding cells, office space, and separate rooms for roll call, records, weapons, exercise, men and women lockers.  The second level houses a forensic lab and evidence room.   There is a card reader system to allow only those authorized to enter secure areas.  The garage hosts a sally-port, to allow automatic containment upon arrival of suspects.  The building is equipped with CAT 5E data and communication system to run their state-of-the-art computer equipment .  The complete MEP/FP system design for this facility was provided by MRA.

Architect: MOS Design