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Divine Providence Hospital – Susquehanna Health System

Williamsport, PA

Martin Rogers Associates, PC has been involved with sprinkler upgrades at Divine Providence Hospital which is part of the Susquehanna Health System since 2010. The upgrades are occurring over a multiple year timeframe and are occurring floor-by-floor and covers an over 500,000 sf area.

The project has involved the following:
– Survey of the existing area to confirm areas to be sprinklered.
– Indicate points of connection to existing standpipe or sprinkler system including any standpipe extensions.
– Extension of sprinkler standpipes in the Stairtowers to the top floor. Extend one of the risers through the roof and provide a roof hydrant.
– Provide design criteria and specifications for a wet sprinkler per NFPA 13.
– Review and assess adequacy of existing of fire service and fire pump.
– Provide design of section valves, zone valves, and tamper switches.
– Provide design of revisions and enhancements to existing fire alarm system.
– Coordinate with the hospital and specify type of sprinkler heads to be used in the project.

The firm is performing all design, quality review and construction oversight for the project.